Expatriates II
21. December 2017

Foreign multinationals in Switzerland employ around one in ten

In 2015, some 11,524 affiliates of foreign multinationals were established in Switzerland. They employed almost 470,000 persons, accounting for some 10% of total employment. These enterprises were mainly present in the major region of Zurich and in the Lake Geneva region. They were mainly active in trade, activities linked to finance or administrative services. These are the main results of the first statistics on affiliates and jobs of foreign multinationals compiled by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).



Urs Schläpfer

About Urs Schläpfer

Urs Schläpfer ist Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von S-FinaCons. Er ist gelernter Treuhänder, hat ein EMBA-Studium in International Finance and Banking absolviert und hält einen Bachelor in Business Administration. ***** Urs Schläpfer is a Swiss-qualified trustee, completed EMBA studies in International Finance and Banking, and holds a Bachelor in Business Administration.

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