About S-FinaCons

Who we are

We are a trusteeship and accounting company, that advises a variety of customers, from small and large companies, and also private persons, both locally and globally, with varied requirements.

We act responsibly, transparently, and in compliance with the law. We carry out our activities conscientiously and carefully, in conformity with law and the principle of good faith. We are independent and discreet. In order to fully meet the high demands of our position, we always keep our professional knowledge up to date.

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Why S-FinaCons?

We assume responsibility and guarantee high quality services through professionalism and competence.

Reduce uncertainty

Those who assume risks in order to get ahead must also recognize the danger of possible setbacks.

Hardly a week passes without companies and their representatives being ridiculed for alleged offenses. This creates uncertainty. In addition new laws and regulations appear. Whether new tax rules, such as the corporate tax reform III (CTR III), the new accounting law (nRLR) whereby the Code of Obligations and its corresponding rules for implementation bring the changes that began on January 1st, 2013, or new corporate governance requirements – such changes make big demands on business and private persons.

Overcoming challenges

We advise and accompany you in finding solutions for new challenges and help you with thorough and consistent implementation of goal-oriented actions, so you can concentrate on your core competencies and thus celebrate successes.

Building trust

There are two things upon which success depends, regardless of the conditions. The first is that the purpose and objective of the activities must be correctly determined. The other is to find the actions that lead to this ultimate goal.
Αριστοτέλης [ARISTOTLE]

The Vision

Always one step ahead

through expertise, appropriate behavior, and transparency.

Locally and globally

for SMEs also in an international environment.

Competent and reliable

through up-to-date knowledge and modern technology.

Focused on value

because your success is our priority!